Italian Immersion Day at Mango Hill State Primary School

Mango Hill State primary school year 5 and 6 students learning Italian had an entire Friday, 28 October, reserved for Italian language studies as part of the Immersion Day promoted by the Italian Language Centre (ILC).
The Italian Immersion Days, designed by ILC, are an opportunity for students to experience an authentic Italian cultural experience with native-speaking teachers and to engage in a variety of activities to consolidate their vocabulary.
Part of the activities involved exploring Italian grammar and vocabulary. ILC’s Language Program Liaison Officer, Giovanna Amatruda, highlighted the use of art as an important component in language teaching.
“Inspired by the ‘Fruit Faces’ painted by the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, as well as by Massimo Fenati, a living Italian artist famous for his ‘foodles’, students furthered their knowledge of Italian nouns and adjectives.”
“They were prompted to describe some of the artworks presented in class and to explain what they liked about them. They were also given the opportunity to create their own artwork using the collage technique,” Giovanna explained.
ILC teachers brought to class the history of the Tarantella – where students were invited to dance, and the narrative of flag-waving, with choreographic exercises (athletics, acrobatics and music above all). Students were also engaged in games, such as bingo and songs – the ‘Fruit Macarena’ was a great success. 
Connie Lammertsma, the Italian teacher at Mango Hill State School, said ILC’s initiative represents an opportunity to be immersed in Italy’s culture and language with native Italian speakers.
“As a teacher, I have the opportunity to share the language with my students and also have the chance to have more than just one lesson. So an entire day where they can process and retain the language much more.”
“Immersion Days are a fantastic chance for students to learn the language. Italian culture is around us on billboards, in products we see in shops, art and fashion, and everywhere.”
Teachers interested in booking an Italian Immersion Day either at their school or at the Italian Language Centre in Lutwyche can send an email to: