Learning Italian for my Wedding in Naples

Learning Italian for Wedding

There is no official recipe for the perfect Italian Wedding as each region has its own customs and traditions. However, an exceptionally effective strategy to begin on the right foot is learning the language.

When opening the windows next February, Rebecca Swanson will be gazing at the wonders of her future home in Naples, the third-largest city in Italy. It is an initial step leading to something even more significant: her wedding on 23rd September.

Before even boarding, Rebecca already had a planned stopover at the Italian Language Centre (ILC). She needed a deep immersion into the language as she was shy to speak and couldn’t put a sentence together.

Through private Italian lessons with ILC’s teacher Giovanna Amatruda, Rebecca improved her Italian grammar and vocabulary, aiming for her future life in Italy. Not only that, her parents embarked on the same adventure.

“Starting the course was their idea. I’m glad it was something nice to do together, as it gave me the confidence to continue. My parents also still need to meet my Italian partner’s family. So, now communication might be easier,” Rebecca says.

The face-to-face classes at ILC were essential for Rebecca, whose confidence has been boosted after all lessons.

“ILC gives you a chance to practice in a safe space. They provide the confidence to try and learn, especially grammar and speaking. So now, when I go to Italy, I’ll be more confident,” Rebecca says.

Rebecca and her husband-to-be met in 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. They got engaged in May 2022.