Joining a book club is fun – and if it’s all in Italian, even better!

There are many good reasons to join a book club: you discover new books that you might have overlooked; it gives you a reason to find time to read before the next meeting (even with a busy schedule); you can have respectful debates about something other than politics; you can read exciting fiction that deals with social issues; hearing other readers’ ideas might get you to re-think yours.

For all the advantages mentioned above. But Book Club in Italian? Well, what a fine way to improve your mastery of ‘la bella lingua’.

Teachers of Italian have also participated and one happy teacher said: “The hours attending Book Club Italiano help boost the required hours of continual professional development I need to complete annually.”

L'appello front of book

Book Club Italiano August / September

Enrolments are now open for Book Club Italiano starting on Saturday 21 August.

Enrol Online by Friday 13 August.

Libro: L’Appello (In English: Roll Call)
Autore: Alessandro d’Avenia
Time: 9:30 – 11:30am
Dates: Sabato 21 agosto, 04 settembre, 11 settembre.

Cost: $85

Una lettura semplice e ricca di spunti di riflessione. Esplorate il mondo con occhi nuovi. Scoprite tutto il bello della lingua italiana…..a proposito, sapete da dove deriva la parola “appello”? No?! Unitevi a noi e lo scoprirete!