Professional Development for Teachers of Italian

ILC offers Italian professional development workshops and proficiency days throughout Queensland for teachers in State and Non-State schools.

These sessions aim to enhance teaching strategies and improve language proficiency of teachers delivering Italian programs in Queensland schools.

PD WORKSHOPS for Teachers in 2024:

Do you teach PRIMARY Italian (Prep – Yr6)?

Then this PD Workshop is for you!

REGISTER HERE by 11 March.

Special Guest: Dott.ssa Luna Angelini Marinucci, Italian Consul for Qld and NT.

Do you teach SECONDARY Italian (Yr7 – Yr12)?

Then this PD Workshop is for you!


When? Sat 16 March, 9:30am-2:30pm. 
Where? ILC 473 Lutwyche Rd, LUTWYCHE. 


  • When? Sat 20 April, 9:30am-2:30pm.
    Where? ILC – 473 Lutwyche Rd, LUTWYCHE. 
    REGISTER HERE by 15 April.


  • When? Sat 8 June, 9:30am-2:30pm.
    Where? Saint Augustine’s College – 251 Draper Street

    REGISTER HERE by 3 June.


Viaggiando in Italia con Timpa e Geronimo Stilton

Each participant will receive free copies of:

‘Discovering Italy by sea with Geronimo Stilton’
‘Timpa travels through Italy’


Strategie per migliorare le capacità orali degli studenti

> Immerse yourself in the cultural wonders of Italy, where activities are aligned with ACARA V9 standards.

> Elevate your teaching skills.

> Enhance your Italian language instruction through collaborative sessions.  

Activities are aligned with ACARA V9 and QCAA Senior Syllabus.

The workshop is designed to refine the Italian language speaking skills of your Y7-12 students.
The aim is to recognise the significance of effective communication in language learning by providing practical insights and resources for your classroom.

Teachers! Your chance to show, tell and inspire!

Bring and share any resources, tasks, strategies you have successfully used in class.

Key concepts: story, drama, message

Key processes: viewing, reading, predicting, describing, discussing;

Key text types: narrative, song, poetry.

Elaboration strand:

    • Presenting children stories and commenting on the characters, discussing reasons and consequences (for example, Pinocchio è disobbediente/la Ferrari è rossa e veloce); writing messages to their favourite character in a story or children’s television program, for example:  “Mi piace/non mi piace Timpa, mi piacciono le tagliatelle di Leonardo Da Vinci”.

Key Aspects:

    1. Practical Teaching Approaches: Explore straightforward teaching methods to encourage and boost your students’ oral proficiency.
    2. Interactive Sessions: Engage in hands-on sessions, bridging theoretical concepts with practical application, to enhance your ability to facilitate meaningful conversations.
    3. Educator Community: Connect with fellow educators to share ideas, resources, and effective teaching techniques, fostering a supportive professional network.

Workshop Highlights:

    • Literary Adventures: the enchanting worlds of Geronimo Stilton and Timpa make Italian language and culture come alive for your students.
    • Cultural Integration: stories provide a vibrant context for language learning and cultural exploration.
    • Engaging Activities: Collaborate to create hands-on activities that will enhance your students’ language skills and foster an appreciation for the diversity and beauty of Italy.
    • Teaching Strategies: Gain practical insights and effective strategies.