Student Stories

The best way to find out what studying at ILC is like is from the stories of those who have enrolled in our classes. ILC strives to provide an authentic experience for all classes and events, ensuring every student feels welcome in this community and connected to the Italian culture.

I’d like to thank ILC for the amazing life skill they have helped me to achieve in learning Italian.

It was so amazing to be able to communicate with my Italian partners’ family and friends when we recently went to Italy.  

ILC teachers make learning Italian fun, and are very supportive in ensuring that you get the most out of your course.

I have had amazing teachers, and made some wonderful friends through my Italian learning journey.

Tasha – Improvers A2 Part 1

I found the pace just right. The teacher increased it over the semester by reducing the amount of English she spoke.

Bryan – Improvers A2 Part 2

My teacher has been wonderful. I studied Italian language for a few years elsewhere, however she is to date the best teacher yet.

Geraldine – Intermediate Vocab & Conversation 

My teacher has created an excellent atmosphere in which all students can learn, thrive and have fun at the same time. I look forward to each class.

Stephen – Talk Italian Part 2

I really enjoyed my first lesson last night. There was a lot of practice and learning.  My teacher is great! The lesson was really well paced and a lot of fun. I am really happy I signed up!

Barbara – Improvers A2 part 2

I have attended Beginners A1 part 1 & 2 and Improvers A2 part 1 & part 2.

My teacher made the class fun and interactive with many fun games to apply to all that we have learned.

The ILC community is a very warm, supportive e molto divertente place to study with plenty of opportunities to put into practice our Italian like movie night and end of semester cena.

I will be back l’ anno prossimo!

Paola – Improvers A2 part 2

I have been extremely happy with the course. A very progressive and positive experience.

Sharon – Beginners A1 Part 2

All the ILC teachers are fantastic!

Mary – Intermediate Grammar B1 + Vocab & Conversation

It’s always a great and positive time for me. I have learnt that I do learn better with structure and have reenrolled in grammar class. All the teachers are helpful and are an absolute pleasure to learn from.

Pauline – Talk Italian Part 1 

The beginner class was amazing. My teacher was lovely, and the whole atmosphere was warm, friendly, and just so much fun!

Krystle – Talk Italian Part 1