Calligram Competition

With the slogan ‘disegnare con le parole’, the Calligram Competition is launched each year for school students from Prep to Year 8. A new theme is introduced each year and students design a calligram using Italian words to create their artwork. 


We are excited to announce that next year’s theme is ‘In classe’. We hope this theme will inspire you and your students to create something truly special.

While registrations for the activity are yet to open, we want to give you a head start so you can plan accordingly. Entries must be sent to ILC no later than 10 June 2024.

Registrations are FREE. Medals and Certificates are awarded to the winners of each category. Winning and highly commended entries are put on public display at ILC.

This activity provides a unique opportunity for your students to showcase their creativity and language skills in a fun and engaging way. 



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Caligram tile with borders