Bolle in Brisbane

Bolle in Brisbane

Che bello! BOLLE balla a Brisbane!

Yes, the world-renowned super-talented dancer will grace the stage at the Brisbane Convention Centre appearing in the Ballet international Gala on August 26 and 27.

This six-foot-two real-life Apollo lookalike was born in the northern Italian region of Piemonte in the town of Casale Monferrato.

From the moment he donned dance shoes at the age of seven, Roberto Bolle knew that dance wasn’t only his passion but would become his future too.

A unique dancer of great skill, strength and elegance, Roberto soon outgrew the confines of his Italian birthplace. He went on to dance for entranced audiences before distinguished figures like the Pope and the Queen at La Scala, the Royal Albert Hall….and further afield, becoming the first Italian dancer to join the American Ballet Theatre.

In 2006, Roberto Bolle came full circle when he returned to Piemonte to perform at the exhilarating opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games where his interpretation of a futurist hero dazzled the world-wide audience of over five million viewers.

When asked what advice to give up-and-coming dancers, Roberto replies: “Three things, that’s all you need: talent, passion, dedication.” Clearly this spectacular dancer possesses these qualities in spades!

A chance to see the brilliant Bolle live in Brisbane? Come this August 26-27 – I know where I’ll be!