Iconic Italian Brands Wear High Fashion


Disaronno Originale is an amber coloured liqueur produced in the Italian town of Saronno (Lombardia). Appreciated globally, the liqueur is instantly recognizable in its oblong glass decanter and iconic square-shaped cap.

According to legend, this smooth liqueur originated over 500 years ago. At that time a church in Saronno was looking for an artist to paint its sanctuary with frescoes. The parish priest would have liked to commission Leonardo Da Vinci, the most admired artist of the day, but unfortunately the church was not prestigious enough to interest the famous artist so the priest had to settle for one of Da Vinci’s pupils, the artist Bernardino Luini.  The church’s sanctuary was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Luini soon realised his first major commission needed the depiction of a memorable Madonna. Desperate to find a model capable of inspiring him, he was introduced to a young local widowed innkeeper known for her gracious beauty. As soon as he laid eyes on her he knew he had found his inspiration! To thank him for immortalising her in the church fresco the woman brought him a gift made with her own hands – a flask of brandy in which she had steeped apricot kernels, thus producing the first amaretto – a heady amber-coloured liqueur with a hint of almond.

Although the church and its frescoes have long been lost, the very same liqueur endures thanks to a member of the Reina family who came across the recipe. The family began selling the distinctive amber liquid in their apothecary and to this day remain the owners of Disaronno which continues producing the liqueur according to the closely guarded ancient recipe.

Disaronno liqueur is popular worldwide for its unmistakable flavour and its versatility. It can be served as a cordial, on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail mixed with other alcoholic beverages, Coca-Cola, ginger ale, or fruit juice. It may also be added to hot chocolate and is an ingredient in the Italian variant of an Irish coffee. The amaretto liqueur is also used in the Italian dessert Tiramisu.

A new spin on the world’s favourite Italian liqueur

In 2013 a second icon was born: the Disaronno Limited Edition which aims to create a strong connection between the globally-recognised bottle with a square cap and leading Italian fashion houses. Competitive markets demand adaptability so why not provide a new visual look for an Italian classic? The refreshed identity captures Disaronno’s solid heritage combined with fashion, the other major cultural interest. Over the last decade Disaronno has teamed up with top Italian designers to create limited-edition bottles reflecting style and taste. Disaronno liqueur lovers and fashion aficionados have been entranced by the new look of the distinctive square bottle decked out by the big-name Italian designers of the day.

With Italian flair, Disaronno wears Diesel, Trussardi, Missoni, Etro, Cavalli, Versace, Moschino…….only the Italians can take a time-honoured classic and have it stylishly dressed by contemporary big fashion names without losing its identity. BRAVI!