Bluey’s Last Days at St. Columba’s Primary School

Image of Bluey telling her friends about her trip

“Dear Diary,

Today marked one of my final days at St. Columba’s School here in Brisbane before my big adventure to Italy begins!! I’m buzzing with excitement yet tinged with nerves – It’s a mix of emotions that I find difficult to put into words! Saying goodbye to my friends, Signora Soto and our school’s principal, Mr. Oberthur was more bittersweet than I anticipated.

Lately, focusing in class has been difficult as my mind is filled with thoughts about Italy and curiosity about what school is like there. Do Italian children play on playgrounds similar to those at St. Columba’s? What games do they play at recess? These intriguing thoughts often lead me daydreaming more than I really should (🤭).

But today was special, Diary. I stood in front of my class, heart pounding, and shared all about my upcoming trip to Sicily. The presentation went really well! My classmates hung onto every word, their eyes lighting up with what I hoped was a mix of joy and curiosity. Their warmth and excitement made me feel incredibly special and appreciated – it was a reminder of the beautiful friendships I have here. Despite leaving them, their support fills me with courage and excitement for what’s ahead. My friends made sure to remind me that this experience in Sicily is going to be amazing, and deep down, I know they’re right. 😀

As I close today’s entry, I’m holding onto the happy thought that while I’ll miss everyone terribly, I’m about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. St. Columba’s has prepared me well, and now, it’s time to see what wonders a school in Sicily holds for me. Here’s to new beginnings, Diary.

Adesso devo andare! Mi sta chiamando la mamma.

Bluey. 💙”

Photo Collage of Bluey's Last Day at St Columba's Primary School
  1. Students saying goodbye to Bluey.
  2. Bluey in her classroom at St. Columba’s Primary School.
  3. Bluey sitting in the Yarning Circle on the land of the Turbal and Yagera People.
  4. Bluey in class ready to learn.
  5. Bluey telling her classmates about her trip.
  6. Bluey at recess, ready to play with her friends.
  7. Bluey with Signora Ross, Signora Lewis, Il Preside Signor Oberthur and Signora Fuery.
  8. Bluey sitting in the shade across the School’s oval.