Bluey’s Last Weekend in Brisbane

Bluey taking a break after a long walk

Dear Diary,

Last weekend was my last one in Brisbane before I fly off to Sicily for a few months. I’m soooo excited, I can barely keep my paws still! But saying bye to Brisbane, even if it’s just for a little while, felt a bit funny. So, I wanted to make sure I did all my favourite things!

Bingo and I went on our most epic scooter ride ever along the river. We zoomed past all the trees and the big buildings, making sure we said a big, loud “See ya later!” to every bird and lizard we passed. And guess what? We stopped by the Story Bridge – it looked massive!

We made up stories about going on treasure hunts under the bridge and pretending we were pirates. Bingo even found a leaf that she said was a map to hidden treasure. Maybe when we come back from Sicily, we can go look for it!

Before I go to Sicily, me and Bingo have decided that I need to be super ready. So, I’m practicing Italian every day:

“Ciao, come stai?” “Sto bene, grazie, e tu?” “Come ti chiami” “Io mi chiamo Bluey e sono di Brisbane in Australia.” My sister and I giggle a lot, especially when I try to say “gelato” with a really Italian accent. “Vorrei un gelato al cioccolato, per favore!” I say, and Bingo orders one with strawberries, “Un gelato alla fragola, per favore!”. I can’t wait to use my Italian skills for real, I’m counting down the days until I go!

But for now, I’m gonna dream about pirate treasures and gelato- gelato alla Nutella, my favourite!


Photos of Bluey in front of Brisbane's Story Bridge
  1. Bluey è davanti al Ponte di Brisbane che si chiama STORY BRIDGE.
  2. Bluey guarda Brisbane e dice “CHE BELLA CITTÀ”.
  3. Bluey si riposa dopo una lunga passeggiata.

“Ciao, come stai?” > Hi, how are you? | “Sto bene, grazie, e tu?” > I’m good thank you and you? | Come ti chiami” > What’s your name? | “Io mi chiamo Bluey e sono di Brisbane in Australia.” > My name is Bluey and I come from Brisbane in Italy. | gelato alla Nutella > Nutella ice cream