A Taste of Italy on the Sunshine Coast

Recently, students on the Sunshine Coast have been treated to a delightful series of food experiences with the assistance of the ILC team Giulia and Sonia, bringing the authentic flavours of Italy right to their schoolyards.

Two schools, the year 4 students of Talara Primary College and from year 8 to 12 of Siena Catholic College, had the unique opportunity to indulge in real Italian pizza-making with Pizza Coppola’s portable wood-fired oven.

Pizza with Andrea, the Pizzaiolo

Andrea, the passionate owner and pizzaiolo of Pizza Coppola, provided an immersive pizza-making experience that left students both educated and delighted. The day began with Andrea demonstrating the creation of a classic Margherita pizza, showcasing the elegance of simplicity combined with high-quality ingredients.

Students watched in awe as Andrea masterfully combined fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, all atop a beautifully stretched pizza dough. The excitement grew as each student received their own pre-made dough ball from Andrea. With instructions delivered in Italian, the students learnt how to stretch the dough and layer the toppings in the traditional order. This hands-on experience was not only educational but also fun, as students interacted with the Italian language in a practical and engaging way.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly watching their own creations bake in the portable wood-fired oven. The aroma of fresh pizza wafted through the air, creating an unforgettable sensory experience. As the pizzas cooked, students participated in various pizza-related activities, making the day a comprehensive culinary adventure.

Tramezzino Treats at Sunshine Beach State School

Meanwhile, the Year 4 students at Sunshine Beach State School had their own Italian culinary adventure, learning to prepare a traditional Italian snack called tramezzino. This delightful sandwich, made with crustless bread and filled with mayonnaise, tuna, tomatoes, and basil, was a hit among the students.

Under the guidance of their teacher, and with all directions given in Italian, the students mastered each step of the preparation. The tramezzino was then sliced in half, revealing a visually appealing and tasty snack. The novelty of this Italian treat was thoroughly enjoyed, with many students eagerly coming back for seconds.

Cultural Enrichment Through Cuisine

These cultural food experiences have proven to be invaluable for the students. Not only did they get to taste delicious Italian dishes, but they also learned about the cultural significance and traditional methods behind them. These activities have enriched their understanding of the world and broadened their culinary horizons.

To all the students who participated, we say: BUON APPETITO! These memorable experiences are sure to leave a lasting impression, sparking a lifelong appreciation for the art of Italian cuisine.