Bluey’s Colourful Welcome to Italy

Bluey è in Villa Italia

Dear Diary,

This morning, after a long but comfortable flight from Brisbane, I finally landed in Italy, at Palermo’s Falcone- Borsellino Airport, in Sicily, where my adventure begins.

At the airport, I was welcomed by a poster saying BENVENUTA IN ITALIA, BLUEY (Welcome to Italy, Bluey) which was handmade by some students from the school I will be going to.

From Palermo we made our way to Santo Stefano di Camastra, the town where I will be staying. I couldn’t contain my excitement, it felt like my tail was wagging on its own.

The drive was absolutely stunning, I had IL MIO NASO (my nose) pressed against IL FINESTRINO DELL’AUTO (the car window), taking in the breathtaking views of the Sicilian coastline, the hills and the vibrant colours and smells, nothing I have ever experienced before.

When we arrived in the small yet picturesque town, the first thing I noticed were the NEGOZI DI CERAMICA (ceramic shops) and ceramic decorations everywhere: on buildings, in the piazza, along the streets and even on benches.

Although I was tired and should have gone A CASA PER UN RIPOSINO (home for a nap), I decided to explore the place.

I started visiting some ceramic shops. I have never seen so many colours and patterns in one place! Each shop was like a treasure hunt, filled with plates, vases, tiles, cups, statues, tables and so much more, all handmade and hand painted with such intricate designs.

The shop owners were so friendly, they even let me watch as they worked on their pottery and I even got to try my paw at painting! BRAVA, BLUEY they said.

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  1. Bluey è in Villa Italia.
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