Language Meets Style at Educational Excursion

On Wednesday, 8th May, Year 9 and Year 10 Italian students from Siena Catholic College embarked on an educational excursion to Sweet Charlotte warehouse in Warana, on the Sunshine Coast.

The visit commenced with an interview with the owner, Desley Walters, which set the stage for an insightful exploration of the fashion industry from a unique perspective. This first-hand interaction provided students with a deeper understanding of the importance of speaking Italian in a business context.

Among racks adorned with a variety of styles, students were tasked with selecting a mannequin and expressing their preferences in Italian. This interactive activity not only allowed students to engage with the products on display but also showcased the practical application of language skills in a professional setting.

Beyond the allure of fashion, the conversation delved deeper into the rationale behind importing Italian products. Students gained valuable insights into the quality, craftsmanship, and cultural significance associated with Italian fashion, broadening their horizons beyond the confines of the classroom.

However, it was the discussion surrounding the importance of language proficiency in business dealings that truly resonated with the students. Desley candidly shared her experiences of navigating language barriers in the industry, highlighting the invaluable asset of speaking Italian fluently.

In a moment of reflection, Desley expressed her admiration for the students’ opportunity to learn Italian within the school curriculum, emphasizing its undeniable value in the professional realm. When asked about the prospect of hiring students based on their language skills, her response was unequivocal – a resounding yes! It was a poignant reminder that beyond academic achievements, it is passion, curiosity, and determination that pave the way for success.

As the visit drew to a close, students departed with a renewed appreciation for the symbiotic relationship between fashion and language. The excursion to Sweet Charlotte warehouse had not only broadened their understanding of the global fashion landscape but had also ignited a spark of inspiration for their future endeavours.