Bluey hones her Italian skills


SONO SUL TRENO (I am on the train) on my way to the airport where I have UN VOLO (a flight) to catch to Milano, where I will be spending IL FINE SETTIMANA (the weekend).

The view is breathtaking: the weather is perfect and I feel extremely FIERA DI ME STESSA (proud of myself).

VUOI SAPERE PERCHÉ? (do you want to know why?)

Stamattina I woke up feeling confident and determined to PARLARE ITALIANO IL PIÙ POSSIBILE (speak Italian as much as possible) and that is exactly what I did!

I walked NEL BAR (in the café) where I normally go, and was greeted by Mr Luigi, IL CAMERIERE (the waiter).

BUONGIORNO SIGNOR LUIGI, OGGI È UNA BELLISSIMA GIORNATA, MI SIEDO FUORI AL TAVOLO NUMERO 3.” (“Good morning Mr Luigi, today is a beautiful day. I will sit outside at table number 3.”) 

MI PUÒ PORTARE UN CAPPUCCINO E UN CORNETTO ALLA CREMA?” (Can you please bring me a cappuccino and a cream croissant?)

After breakfast, I visited IL MUSEO DELLA CERAMICA (the Museum of Ceramics), one of the finest showcases of ceramic art located at Palazzo Sergio.

The guide tour, IL SIGNOR GIOVANNI, (Mr Giovanni), proudly showed me around the amazing museum: there are tiled floors, ceramic pieces and Lorenzini’s “Andare”, a group of warriors gradually sinking into the ground, which can be seen on the right-hand side of the entrance.

He explained LA STORIA (the history) and LE TECINICHE (the techniques) behind each piece and told me that the ceramics in this town are amongst the highest quality ceramic pieces in the world.

SAI PERCHÉ? (do you know why?)

The clay used to create the ceramics in this area is well known for its superior quality – factor in the top-quality enamels, attention to detail and beautifully finished decoration, and you have a true work of art.

Around the time of the 18th century, ceramic craftsmen would use the clay from the mines along the town’s seaside road to then cook, bake and cool.

Once this process was over, the clay would be specially decorated and then baked again to result in colourful and distinctive maioliche tiles.

NEL POMERIGGIO, (in the afternoon), I headed to LA STAZIONE (the station).

“UN BIGLIETTO DI SOLA ANDATA PER L’ AEROPORTO (“a one-way ticket to the airport”) I asked the BIGLIETTAIO (the ticket seller).

“QUANT ‘ È?” I added (“how much is it?”)

14.40 € – QUATTORDICI EURO E QUARANTA CENTESIMI(14 euros and 40 cents) he replied.

I wish you could see the gorgeous colours of IL MAR MEDITERANEO (the Mediterranean Sea) that I am looking at…

A PRESTO (see you soon),


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