Pimpa’s Italian Treat Hunt Before her Aussie Escape!

Dear Diary,

This morning while I was having my COLAZIONE PREFERITA (my favourite breakfast) PANE E NUTELLA (bread and Nutella) I found myself wondering if I will be able to find my favourite foods in Brisbane.

It is a big change, and although I have heard that Brisbane has a good variety of international stores and quality shops, IL CIBO (food) is such a big part of my CULTURA (culture) and my identity.

You know CARISSIMO DIARIO (dearest Diary) how excited I am about this adventure, but a part of me worries about missing these little comforts from home…

HO UNA IDEA! (I have an idea)

MI PREPARO (I will get ready) and VADO A FARE LA SPESA CON LA ZIA (go grocery shopping with Aunt) to stock up on all the yummy Italian treats I love! That way, I can enjoy a taste of home right before I jet off to my new adventure down under! What a brilliant plan, right?

  1. Pimpa ha fatto la spesa…Chissà cosa ha comprato
  2. Pimpa compra la pasta
  3. Pimpa compra il formaggio
  1. Pimpa compra il pesce
  2. Pimpa compra la bottiglia di passata
  3. Pimpa è golosa e compra la nutella