Covid-19 Update

Yes! We are open for business and still delivering Italian classes to our community.  We are teaching in the classroom with the appropriate physical distancing and hygiene practices in place. 

Private Italian lessons are available via Skype. 

Browse the site as usual to see our latest Italian classes.

We hope you are well and keeping safe during these challenging times.  The Team at ILC have adapted fast to the current situation.

Girotondo Playgroup is back!

Italian Language Centre’s Italian playgroup for children aged 3-5 years is available again. We are so happy to have the little ones back with a semi-structured setting and fun activities to promote and teach Italian language and culture.

If you have any questions please contact us.

After School Classes Updates

For the safety of all students, SOCIAL DISTANCING regulations enforced as follows. Classes are back as of 3 June 2020!

SIGN-IN/SIGN-OUT will take place in the reception area to prevent crowding in the corridor. Children will be accompanied by ILC staff to their respective classrooms.

Due to the 4 square meter rule, if  all 10 Prep/Yr 1 students are present ONLY 2 PARENTS will be able to participate in that lesson.

Should your child require SPECIAL PERMISSION for you to be present, please present your case for consideration by return email.

RECEPTION AREA:  for sign-in/sign-out.  Only 3 PARENTS at a time (+THEIR CHILD/CHILDREN). 

Please look to see how many parents are in the reception area before entering. Kindly respect the distancing markers on the stairs.

Parents are required to exit promptly and allow others to enter. (If parents need an area to wait during the lesson, the small classroom near the kitchen can accommodate up to 6 people).


– All children should be holding what they need for class before coming up the stairs to avoid lingering in the reception area. (Requirements: Display folder with all sheets of the semester in order. Pencil case. No food or drink)

– There will be no drinking or eating in class for the duration of the lesson. Please ensure your children have had their drink/snack, even in the carpark under your supervision, before entering.

– Check whether your child/children need the toilet on arrival. Please tell ILC staff. Access to toilets is monitored since ONLY 1 parent + their child/children are permitted at one time.

END OF LESSON: Parents please wait in the reception area; 3 parents at a time are permitted. Your children will be brought to you for prompt exit to allow other parents waiting on the stairs to enter, sign-out and collect their children.

Important dates

Semester 2 started Monday 20 July, 2020

Semester 2 ends Monday 30 November, 2020