‘Book Club Italiano’ and ‘Canzoni a Tema’ continue to grow

Giovanna Canzoni a teme

BOOK CLUB ITALIANO and CANZONI A TEMA continue to be very popular among students and teachers of Italian. Reading authentic texts and listening to songs are two excellent ways of further improving language skills while learning more about the Italian culture and reflecting on how society is changing.

ILC avid readers who attended the latest edition of  Book Club, across three Saturday mornings between August and September, discussed the novel ‘L’Appello’ by Alessandro D’Avenia. This contemporary writer has achieved popularity beyond the national borders with his first novel being translated into 22 languages. Thanks to ILC’s Book Club this author has come to Australia too!

Teachers attending found the book particularly interesting because it portrays the Italian school environment which is completely different to the Australian one. This book raised many questions on education system efficiency, especially in current times when technology and social media play a huge role in teenagers’ lives. However, there was much more to this book: numerous quotes by other authors and philosophers and accurate explanations on the etymology of some words certainly provided food for thought.

The participants are already looking forward to the next one, but they will have to wait till next year because now it’s … ‘CANZONI’ time!

Yes! the new edition of CANZONI A TEMA is kicking off on Saturday 30 October. After the huge success of songs inspired by “Le Quattro Stagioni” – ILC is now offering an amazing journey “To Infinity and Beyond”. Participants will be delighted by songs that celebrate the beauty of the universe and the influence of planets in our lives.

To find out more and enrol online visit the ILC website by clicking on the following link: https://www.italianlanguagecentre.org/canzoni-a-tema/ 


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