Best Italian restaurants in Brisbane

Italian family sitting at table

Are you looking for the best Italian Restaurant in Brisbane?

Brisbane has a vast array of restaurants celebrating a vast array of cuisines. Lovers of fine food often turn to Italian restaurants, not just for the fine food but for the cultural experience.  So, which are the best Italian restaurants in Brisbane? The Italian restaurant Brisbane scene is almost unrecognisable from 10-15 years ago. There are over 146 Italian restaurants in the local landscape and some are better than others. It is restaurants like ‘Elementi’ in Paddington and ‘Tartufo’ in Fortitude Valley that have native Italian waiters and chefs that make the dining experience totally immersive.

We asked some native Italians to nominate their favourites.

Asking a native Italian what their favourite Italian restaurant revealed a little-known cultural truth. “We don’t go to Italian restaurants” said the team that head up The Italian Language Centre in Brisbane. “We can cook that at home, so we prefer to eat another cuisine when we go out”.

Growing up with home cooked meals, traditions such as making passata (tomato puree as a base for so many recipes), salami making, wine making – it’s these Italian family traditions that are at the heart of Italian culture from a very young age. Pleasing an Italian with an Italian meal is not easy. In fact, it’s near impossible.

So.  We pressed the team at The Italian Language Centre again. We asked the question in a different way.  “Where would you go if you HAVE to go to an Italian restaurant in Brisbane?”


Here is the prized list. Italians’ pick of Italian restaurants in Brisbane (in no particular order). You will notice that not one restaurant made the grade across entrée, main and dessert, however this is a worthy share none the less!

·     Otto in Southbank (have the best mains)

·     Sasso (they make the best home-made pasta and great vegetarian meals)

·     Beccofino (they have great pizza but you have to go early or book weeks in advance)

·     Julius in Southbank (the best pizza)

·     La Pinsa in Paddington (great pizza and friendly atmosphere)

·     Elementi in Paddington (best Italian desserts)

·     Italian Street Kitchen in West End (welcoming staff and great pizza)

The Italian Language Centre has native speaking Italian teachers living and teaching in Brisbane. ILC exists to promote Italian language and culture in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. 

Our teachers are passionate about creating an engaging learning environment for students and Italian classes that deliver successful outcomes for all.  We provide the authentic experience to learn Italian with social activities and events that ensure every student becomes part of the ILC community.