School Kids Italian Summer Fun 


– Prep/Yr 1    – Yr 2/Yr 3    – Yr 4/Yr 5    – Yr 6/Yr 7    – Yr 8/Yr 9

**NB: Yr10-Yr12 students may enrol in Adult Summer School morning sessions!

Aim: Games, arts & crafts, songs, recitals all in Italian to develop correct pronunciation, confidence & spontaneity.

These top-up courses are designed to allow students to brush up or maintain their Italian during the long end-of-year break between semesters.

New to ILC? Whether you are new to learning Italian or already have some previous knowledge, all levels are encouraged to join this short program. Experience the authentic atmosphere of ILC classes, meet the teachers and connect with fellow students in a fun and relaxed environment.

School Kids Italian Summer Fun - timetable