ILC proudly presents:

Movie Night at New Farm Cinema

Italian Language Centre proudly presents “Quanto Basta” an Italian comedy directed by Francesco Falaschi on Thursday 24 September at 6.30 pm.

Tickets are $15 and available online.

Synopsis: Arturo (Vinicio Marchioni) is a well known chef. He ends up in prison for anger management issues. Once released, he has to complete his community service sentence, teaching a group of teenagers suffering from Asperger syndrome how to cook. One of his students, Guido (Luigi Fedele), is selected to take part in a culinary competition. As his tutor, Arturo starts to understand how Guido perceives the world and from this, a great friendship blossoms creating unforgettable experiences.

Cast: Vinicio MarchionI, Luigi Fedele, Valerie Solarino Genre: Comedy Duration: 92 min Country of Origin: Italy (English Subtitles)

New Farm Cinema is at 701 Brunswick Street, New Farm