La Festa Dei Nonni at ILC

Girotondo Italian Playgroup student drawing a flower for la festa dei nonni.

The Girotondo Italian Playgroup studenti* recently celebrated the special bond between nonni e nipoti* ahead of Grandparents Day (October 29th).

The Italian Language Centre was filled with parents, grandparents, and children on Monday and Thursday, who shared plates of delicious cibo* while listening to Italian canzoni* and poems performed by the students.

Grandparents even got involved in handicraft activities with the little ones, creating beautiful flowers decorated with tissue paper for le nonne*, and fashionable cardboard ties for i nonni*. Proudly wearing their new fashion apparels, grandparents indulged in a array of treats including brownies, cakes, fruit platters, biscuits, mozzarella, and cherry tomato skewers.

Our Italian Teacher, Francesca, praised the presence of the grandparents:

“We had never celebrated Grandparents Day at the school but we’ll definitely keep this celebration on the calendar for the next years! Everyone loved being here, seeing the kids singing and reading proudly in front of their grandparents.”

In Italy, Grandparents Day is celebrated on October 2nd and is marked as an official festivity since 2005, celebrated simultaneously with Guardian Angels’ Day in the Roman Catholic Church. La Festa Dei Nonni* symbolises the role of grandparents as angels who always step in to help the family and support the children.

It was a heartwarming event where the young students were able to learn about Italian culture and traditions while celebrating the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. The event also allowed the grandparents to spend quality time with their grandchildren, creating everlasting memories.

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