XX Settimana della lingua italiana

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National conference for teachers of Italian

24 Ottobre 2020

We invite you to the upcoming National conference for teachers of Italian.  To register for the conference please complete the form.



Each year, the Italian language is celebrated worldwide during ‘la settimana della lingua italiana nel mondo’. This was initiated by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is in its 20th year in 2020.

For the past four years in Australia, the Italian Embassy has celebrated ‘la settimana’ by organising a National Convention for Australian Teachers of Italian which has been hosted in Canberra (2016, 2017), Sydney (2018) and Melbourne (2019). This year, it is Brisbane’s turn, and the event will be hosted by the Italian Language Centre (a division of Co.As.It. Community Services Ltd). The event takes place on Sat 24 October and due to the current social distancing and travel restrictions, will be delivered via Zoom from the Italian Language Centre in Newmarket.

The theme of the convention is based on the same theme of ‘la settimana’, that is, l’italiano tra parola e immagine:  graffiti, illustrazioni, fumetti.  As in past years, the convention will open with key addresses by notable local and international speakers who are experts in the field of language learning. The second half of the convention will take the form of workshops organised through the Zoom ‘break out rooms’ feature.

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