A Fun and Educational Day at St. Columba’s School in Wilston

Today, talented ILC teacher Giovanna, led an immersion day at St. Columba’s School in Wilston. She focused on teaching year 1 students about the Italian Christmas tradition of “La Befana”. This legend dates back to the biblical story of the Three Wise Men searching for the birthplace of Jesus.

Nowadays, La Befana is celebrated throughout Italy on the night of January 5th. Children hang stockings and leave out plates of food for her, hoping to receive small gifts and treats in return. The day is filled with parades, feasts, and celebrations.

Signora Isabella Soto was thrilled with how the day unfolded, noting that the presence of a native speaker improved every element of teaching and learning. The students were on their best behaviour and were in awe of the language being used in communication between the two teachers – “It was beautiful to see how their faces lit up when they were able to practice the Italian they have learned with someone new who understood them and was able to share authentic elements of culture.”

Giovanna was also pleased with how enthusiastic and well-pronounced the students were in speaking Italian.

Overall, the day was a great success, providing a fun and educational experience for the young students.