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Joining a book club is fun – and if it’s all in Italian, even better!

There are many good reasons to join a book club: you discover new books that you might have overlooked; it gives you a reason to find time to read before the next meeting (even with a busy schedule); you can have respectful debates about something other than politics; you can read exciting fiction that deals with social issues; hearing other readers’ ideas might get you to re-think yours. 

These are all positive outcomes to which the Italian Language Centre added one more. Book Club? Yes!

For all the advantages mentioned above. But Book Club in Italian? Well, what a fine way to improve your mastery of ‘la bella lingua’.

Members of ILC’s inaugural Book Club Italiano have been improving their Italian through reading the novel ‘Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a Piazza Vittorio’ by the author Amara Lakhous. Set in one of Rome’s most multiethnic areas, the story begins with a murder. As each of the neighbours is questioned by police, a colourful story unfolds exposing social realities we often tend to ignore.

This bittersweet comedy, winner of the prestigious Flaiano prize for fiction, was read, studied and discussed at Book Club Italiano meetings over February and March 2019. Led by experienced ILC teacher Giovanna Amatruda, Book club Italiano members have judged the meetings ‘a great success’. 

“My spoken Italian has improved hugely,” said one delighted member. “Being able to combine the joys of reading with improving my Italian has been a joyful experience. I can’t wait for the next one!”  

Teachers of Italian have also participated and one happy teacher said: “The hours attending Book Club Italiano help boost the required hours of continual professional development I need to complete annually.”

The next series of Book Club Italiano meetings kicks off on Saturday 18 May with the book ‘A ciascuno il suo” by Leonardo Sciascia. All students and teachers of Italian are welcome.

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